Farm Raised Beef

Best of the Farm Store Bundle (5 lb)

Ground Beef + Stew Meat + Grill Ready Burgers + Mild Pork Sausage + Bacon + Eggs

Ozark Dinner Beef Bundle (26 lb)

2 KC Strip Steaks + 2 Roasts + 2 lb Stew Meat + 2 Grill Ready Burger Packages + 2 lb Stir Fry Strips + 2 lb Beef Chorizo + Signature Beef Brat + 10 lb Ground Beef

March Beef Bundle (9 lb)

3 Ground Beef + Grill Ready Burger (4 ct) + Thin Cut Ribeyes (4 ct) + Beef Chorizo + Roast

Lean Ground Beef | 90/10

Our Leanest Ground Beef

Ground Beef | 80/20

The Juicy Choice for Meatballs or Burgers

Mild Italian Beef Sausage (1 lb)

Versatile from breakfast to dinner

Blue Silo Signature Beef Brats (4 ct)

Sugar-Free & Plain - Try on the smoker!

Cheddar Beef Brats (4 ct)

Loved by Kids & Adults Alike

Filet Mignon Roast

Whole Beef Tenderloin

Beef Thin Cut Ribeye Steaks (4 ct)

Quick Cooking for Steak Sandwiches

Beef Chuck Eye Steak

The Poor Man's Ribeye

Beef Sirloin Steak Fajita Strips (1 lb)

Versatile for Fajitas or Stir-Frys

Beef Flank Steak

One steak to feed the family

Beef Shank (Osso Bucco)

An Italian Comfort Food Classic

Korean Beef Short Ribs

Flanken Style - 1/2" wide

Meaty Beef Soup Bones, 2 ct

Meaty Soup Bones for Rich Stock

Beef Liver (1 lb)

Iron-Rich & Nutrient Dense

Beef Tongue (Lengua)

Authentic Lengua Tacos

Beef Oxtail

Bring world dishes to life at home

Beef Raw Suet (Unrendered Tallow), 2 lb

Render to make tallow for cooking or candles