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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to customer's most common questions

About our animals

What breed of cattle do you raise?

We run a crossbred cow-calf herd of about 80 momma cows that are a mix of Simmental and Red Angus. Part of our herd calves in the fall and the other part calves in the spring.

Do you use antibiotics on your farm?

Our hogs and cattle are on species specific, on-going vaccination program to keep the entire herd healthy and minimize our need for antibiotics. Antibiotics are a tool we farmers have to maintain a healthy herd, but we use only sparingly to prevent pain & suffering and help a sick animal heal up quicker.

What breed of hogs are you feeding?

The hogs we feed are Berkshire crosses.

Do you raise pigs on the farm?

No, we source all our pigs from Farmer Roger, who is focused on raising hogs on his small farm outside Neosho, MO. At 6 weeks old the piglets are weaned, vaccinated, wormed and arrive at our farm where they will grow until finish weight. Sourcing from a single farmer means we know how the animals will grow and can rest assured we'll have healthy piglets arrive on our farm.

What kind of chickens do you raise?

Our chickens are Cornish-Crosses, a specific hybrid that's intended for meat, not eggs. We source 3 day old baby chicks from a local hatchery and feed them until finish on our farm.

Are your chickens pastured and organic?

No, our chickens are not pastured nor are they "certified organic". We like the large open sided shed we grow the birds in because it's critter-proof, protected so we can grow birds in the colder parts of the season, and piped with an automatic water system to ensure they have fresh clean water all the time. Like all chicken raised in the United States, no antibiotics are used with our birds.

Is your beef grass fed?

All cattle are grass fed, because a cow's body is designed to be fueled by grass. In fact, their huge stomach is made up of 4 different compartments for the sole purpose of breaking down the fiber and cellulose of grass. We do feed a limited grain diet in addition to full access to grass or hay. We believe feeding grain makes the beef on your dinnerplate taste better. A diet containing grain also helps the animal grow faster, allowing us to get it harvested and onto the customer's plate quicker.

Are your animals eating organic or GMO-free feed?

No, we do not prioritize those considerations in the feed we source since it would increase the feed's cost and limit the suppliers we could use. Our feed comes from local feed mills within a 100 mile radius of the farm.

About our Meat

Do you butcher the animals yourself?

N-O Way! We proudly use a local butcher shop with USDA certification, where a USDA Inspector oversees the slaughter and processing of our cattle and hogs to meet high standards for humane treatment and cleanliness. Our Chickens are harvested at a different facility inspected by the State of Missouri, with much the same standards for animal handling and sanitation. It's vac-packed so you can see the quality and know that it's good in your freezer for a year or longer...if it lasts that long! 😉

How is your beef different from the grocery store?

First off - any beef you buy was at one point walking on grass on someone's farm. Buying directly from us means you can ask us the questions you've found yourself wondering while staring at the grocery store's meat case. You'll understand why we farm the way we do and how we care for our farm & land. Our product is frozen immediately after being cut, essentially like hitting the pause button on freshness. Since it's sealed in thick vac pac, you'll enjoy the same level of freshness as the moment the steak was cut at the butcher shop - no matter if it was in your freezer a week or a year. The only thing in our meat is meat - no additives, fillers or color enhancers.

How long is the frozen meat good for?

If the product has it's vac pac seal intact and has remained frozen, it's safe to eat a year later or longer. Freshness may deteriorate slightly after extended time in the freezer. Freezer burn will not develop unless the package seal has popped. Even then, the meat is safe to eat, but it's freshness may suffer.

About Bulk Ordering

Can I buy Half a Cow or Half a Hog?

YES! We process animals year round and book 1/8, 1/4 and 1/2 Beef Sides and 1/2 Hog Sides as pre-orders. We offer simple, flat pricing, include home delivery, handle all butcher shop communication, including cut instructions, pick up sort, pack and re-label your meat for easy delivery & unpacking into your freezer. Straightforward pricing and down home customer service makes the whole process unexpectedly easy. A deposit is required. Read more HERE.

Is there an option to bulk order chicken?

Yes! Check out our Bulk Chicken Bundles >

How long is the usual wait for a bulk side order?

Beef are harvested monthly with typical wait times of 2-4 months for 1/2 or 1/4 Beef and 4-8 weeks for a 1/8 Beef. Hogs are harvested every 4-8 weeks with a typical wait time of 2-4 months. Chickens are only grown from March thru November so bulk pre-orders are only bulked during the growing season, and schedule for 4-8 weeks out.

What is the best way to place a bulk order for a single product like bacon or ground beef?

Contact us directly to inquire about custom bundles.

My favorite cut is sold out. When will it be back in stock?

Our inventory moves quickly, so check back frequently, within a few days. The best time of the week to shop is Monday or Tuesday after the online store is re-stocked. We always reserve the best selection for those who shop in the Farm Store. A cut may be sold out online but we'll have a limited quantity in the Farm Store. Don't hesitate to reach out by text or email with specific inventory questions and we can tell you when the product will be restocked again.

About Shopping With Us

Do you sell fresh meat?

No. We only sell frozen meat. Customers can purchase by the piece, bundle or bulk package. Shop Now >

When is the Farm Store open?

Check our most up-to-date hours on Google >

Do you ship meat?

No. We only serve customers in Southwest Missouri living local enough to drive to the farm.

Do you have a meat subscription program?

Yes! We offer bundles for subscription that are ready every month. Learn More >

How do I get my order?

We offer curbside farm pick up, home delivery and in-person shopping at our Farm Store. Read more here >

Where is your farm located?

Our farm is located in Lawrence County, Missouri. We are about 25 minutes west of Springfield on I-44, and only 1 mile off the interstate at Exit 58 (Halltown). The entire drive to the Farm Store is interstate or paved highway. Follow our directions on Google and disregard our Ash Grove address.