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Beef Arm Roast (3 lb)

Beef Arm Roast (3 lb)

Great for Shredding
$10.45 /lb.
Avg. 3 lb.

When you're searching for a boneless, lean roast, reach for a Beef Arm Roast. Cut from the lower section of the beef's shoulder - also known as the chuck - this roast has the same beefy flavor of a chuck roast with less marbling because the muscle was used more in daily activity yielding a leaner cut.

Generally, most roasts can be used interchangeably. The Beef Arm Roast is best suited for recipes using more liquid, recipes using a pressure cooker or for the times when you want a shredded roast.

Thaw an Arm Roast in your fridge at the rate of 7 hours per pound and cook within 7 days of thawing. Cook to an internal temperature of at least 145 degrees

Our grass-fed beef is finished for flavor with a limited corn diet, sourced within a 100 mi radius of our farm and aged for 14 days before being hand cut. Every roast is sealed in high-grade, clear vac pac so you can see the quality & know it remains fresh even stored in your freezer.

Each package contains 1 boneless Beef Arm Roast. Package weight can vary between 2.7-3.5 lb. You will be charged for the exact weight of the roast you receive. One 3-lb roast can comfortably serve 6-8 adults.