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customer spotlight kayhill

With two little ones we are always looking for what makes cooking easiest. Filling our freezers with bulk packages is such an easy way to make sure we have a variety of choices for dinner! We love that the ground beef doesn’t have nearly the amount of grease from a store bought pound.

Customer Spotlight :: Kevin & Deb M. from Willard, MO

Meet Kevin & Deb M. 👋 Where do you live? Willard, MO How many people are in your household?2 adults How often do you eat dinner made at home?5-6x per week What's your biggest struggle to cooking meals at home?Variety in cooking Before Blue Silo, where would you buy meat from?Grocery store What made you first try meat from Blue Silo?Saw them at the Farmer’s Market in Willard and decided to try their product [kassi's note: that was back in 2018!] How do you usually buy from Blue Silo? Order online & get home delivery Why do you shop that way?Easier to shop What's your favorite Blue Silo product?Pork steak and ground beef How has buying meat from Blue Silo changed the way you shop, plan, cook or eat?I can plan ahead and just add veggies to complete a meal. I don’t have to go multiple places for good meat. What difference have you noticed between Blue Silo meat & store bought meat?Definitely better quality- less gristle and fat, for example. As well as knowing mymeat is not from Australia or China so it is much fresher. What else do you want to share?I love knowing where my meat comes from, as well as supporting local. That is why I have shopping with Blue Silo for several years.

How Long is Thawed Meat Good For

Like many small farms, our meat is sold frozen. Buying meat from our farm means getting used to planning ahead so your frozen meat is thawed in time to use. I'm here as a fellow home cook with A LOT of experience cooking with farm grown meat that's stored in the freezer. Here's my opinion to this common question based on my experience...

Customer Spotlight :: The Stifle Family of Nixa, MO

"Buying meat from Blue Silo has helped fulfill my desire to shop locally, keep my freezer stocked with ground beef (I appreciate that the ground beef is frozen flat!), and has made cooking easier in that way because if I don’t have a specific meal planned, I know that I always have ground beef in the freezer to make a quick and easy meal"

How to buy a Side of Beef from Blue Silo :: A Customer's Perspective

Since the beginning back in 2017, we've helped local families around Springfield, MO to fill the freezer with a side of beef. We're different from other farms because of our focus on making the ordering process easy for YOU. Most other farms charge by the pound based on hanging weight and expect the customer to call the butcher shop with cut instructions, pay the butcher separately and pick up your own meat.. Worst of all, you don't know how many of each cut you'll end up with. Recently S & A K. from Nixa, MO left us this Google Review describing what it was like placing their first bulk order with our farm. Here's what they had to say...

Customer Spotlight :: The DeMaria Family of Republic

I don’t love cooking but it is much easier when I always know we have a protein ready to go 😊 Planning is much easier because I know we always have the main part of our meal in the freezer. We will never go back to regular store bought beef! We love supporting the Blue Silo Beef family!

Customer Spotlight :: The Odell Family of Springfield

We’d been buying craft beef back in Michigan for about 10 years. Once we moved to Springfield, finding a new meat farm was a top priority, but we had to fall back on grocery store meat for a short while. It was highly motivating…the flavor and texture of Blue Silo Beef is just so much better. I love buying from a farm I can trust to not put junk in my food.