Temporary limit of 5 lb ground beef per customer - Come out & shop at the farm, Sunday 1-3 pm


As the sixth generation born on my father's 21,000+ acre cattle ranch on the Wyoming-Colorado border, cows were always a staple in my life. In fact, it was at a cattle show as teenagers that my husband, Ian, and I met. With a shared love of cows, passion for entrepreneurship and commitment to making a living solely in agriculture, we moved to our 356-acre Lawrence County ranch in 2015.

Come visit and you'll see the last, lone blue silo marking our ranch as a local landmark, a relic from the prosperous years when the ranch housed a large dairy operation. It's been a labor of love to turn the property into the ranch we needed to run nearly 130 head of registered Simmental momma cows.

We've responsibly raised each beef animal since birth, know its health history, pedigree and diet. For years, we've filled our own freezer with beef from the ranch and now we want to fill yours!

Cattle are made to be grass eaters and ours are no different. Before weaning, the calves and cows run together on pasture. After weaning, the calves move together into our large backgrounding pens where their diet is still predominantly forage, but with the addition of some corn products. 

round 60 days before slaughter, the animals earmarked to be Blue Silo Beef are sorted and are fed a grain ration with free-choice hay available. This is where our signature, steakhouse-worthy flavor comes from!

When you purchase rancher-raised Blue Silo Beef, your money stays local, right here in the Ozarks. The beef is flash frozen at the height of freshness at our Ozarks area processor and ready for your freezer. Buying in bulk makes putting premium beef on your table affordable for your family!