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We are the Glassman Family

We are the Glassman Family

That’s me - Kassi - alongside my husband Ian and our three kiddos here on our farm located 25 minutes west of Springfield, Missouri.

The first pound of Blue Silo Beef sold in late 2017, the idea sparked by a need to diversify our 300+ acre traditional cattle farm to support our growing family.

From that first pound, we saw the magic of being a farm dedicated to feeding our neighbors, near Springfield, Missouri. 

Quickly, we became known as a go-to source for fresh, delicious beef for our neighbors in the Ozarks. During 2020 we opened the doors of our Farm Store to give the public a way to connect with us and shop our products in person.

In 2021 the farm expanded to include hogs and meat chickens, opening the door for our customers to buy pork and chicken cuts along with our beef. Our customers become friends and are part of the journey as we continue to grow our farm.

Since 2017, we’ve sold over 40,000 pounds of farm-raised meat to our neighbors. Walk in the Farm Store or place an online order for local delivery - either way - we’re obsessed with making it easy for YOU to put delicious, locally-grown beef, pork or chicken on your family’s dinner table.


The Blue Silo Team