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Subscribe & Save FAQs

How do I sign up for Subscribe & Save?
After filling your shopping cart, sign up on the checkout page by selecting the Subscribe & Save checkbox. Follow prompts to finalize subscription settings as you finish checkout.

How do I manage my subscription?
Visit our Subscription Portal to manage your subscription anytime. You can skip, cancel, alter the frequency, choose a different free product and more from the portal.

How do I receive my subscription order?
The two options to receive your subscription are farm pick up or home delivery. To qualify for home delivery, your address must be in our delivery area. Check our delivery area & learn more about home delivery. Home delivery service occurs weekly; farm pick up is available multiple days per week. Delivery fees apply to subscription orders. Any order $150+ qualifies for free delivery. No appointment needed for farm pick up, simply come between 12 noon - 7 pm on your delivery day to pick up your pre-packed order from our curbside freezer. 

Can I change between farm pick up and home delivery?
You are not able to make that change through the Subscription Portal. Please contact us directly to make any changes to how you receive your subscription.

Will I be notified before my next subscription?
Yes! You will receive notifications by email and text before your next subscription. 

How long do I have to adjust my subscription order?
Choose to skip or make edits to your order before the order deadline, which is 8 pm the day before the delivery or pick up day.

Can I change what comes in my subscription?
Yes! You can edit each subscription order so you are not locked into receiving the same products over and over. Simply visit the Subscription Portal to delete items, change quantities or add on other items to your order. Keep in mind, select products are not available for subscription, but if they are in stock and available in our store, you can add them to your subscription.

Are all products available for Subscribe & Save?
No. Products with limited or seasonal availability are not available for subscription. These excluded products  can be added on to your subscription order if they are in stock at the time you're modifying your order.

Are your Meat Value Bundles available for Subscribe & Save?
Some like the Beef for the Month, Best of the Farm Store and Pork for the Month bundles are available for subscription. Other bundles are seasonal and can be added onto your subscription order if in stock. Get the 5% Subscribe & Save Discount on top of any bundle discount. 

Can I change how often my subscription comes?
Yes! Visit the Subscription Portal to change frequency. Currently we offer every 2 weeks, monthly and every 2 month delivery frequencies.

Can I change my delivery date? Get it sooner or skip?
Yes! Visit the Subscription Portal to select a different delivery or pick up date. Find the "Get it Sooner" button in the Portal to process your order for the next available delivery. Click "Skip" to cancel the current order and just to the next order date based on your subscription frequency.

What free items can I choose from?
Currently, choose from Ground Beef, Mild Ground Pork Sausage or Beef Sticks. Offers may change throughout the year.

Do I get the same free item every delivery?
You can choose a different free item by visiting the Subscription Portal. You will continue receiving the same free item unless you make a change. 

Is there a fee for home delivery Subscribe & Save orders?
Yes, the standard delivery fee still applies. Subscribe & Save orders $150+ qualify for free delivery. Modifying your subscription by adding or eliminating items may change your order total above or below the free delivery threshold of $150 resulting in the fee being added or removed automatically. 

How do I cancel my Subscribe & Save subscription?
Go to "Account" in the upper right hand corner of our homepage. Choose "Subscribe & Save" from the drop-down menu. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the "Cancel Your Subscription" button.