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1/2 Beef (170 lbs)

1/2 Beef (170 lbs)

Available for delivery Jan 15, 2024
$500 Deposit due at reservation
"I'm so tired of buying beef piece by piece at the store."

Filling the freezer with our beef makes meal prep easier, the weekly grocery bill smaller, and the plates cleaner all while knowing your dollars are staying locally to support agriculture here in the Ozarks.

Any farmer can sell you a beef side. 

We live in the heart of Missouri cow-country, any farmer around will happily sell you a half or whole cow, and haul it to the butcher shop. 

You'd be expected to pay extra processing, call the shop to give cut instructions, and make arrangements to pick it up after work or on the weekend. Then it's loading up the car with 170 - 200 lbs of un-sorted, butcher paper-wrapped frozen beef packages, driving home & spending a few hours sorting and packing your bounty into the freezer.

By the end you'll be left with cold hands wondering if all was worth it.

Blue Silo Beef does it different

We've trashed the confusing, traditional bulk beef buying model. With us you'll get...

✔ Simple upfront pricing

✔ No hidden fees, up charges, or other pricing surprises

✔ Tried-and-true standard cut list to know how many of each cut you'll receive.

✔ Custom cutting options to make it fit your family's needs

✔ Beef slaughtered in the Ozarks under USDA inspection.

✔ Sealed in clear, thick vac-pac to maintain freshness, resist freezer burn and package tears.

✔ No butcher paper-wrapped mystery packages.

✔ We handle all the processing, no need to call the butcher shop.

✔ Home delivery included.

✔ Pre-sorted at delivery makes storing and organizing your freezer a breeze.

💥 NEW! Now you have the option to add on pork or chicken bundles to your beef side purchase at an exclusive price

How it works:

  1. Place online order and pay deposit to secure your reservation
  2. Check your inbox for an order confirmation containing a link to our cut instruction form
  3. Submit your custom cut request by completing the online cut instructions form
  4. We will contact you via email to schedule your final payment and delivery/pick up
  5. Your order is ready! It comes pre-sorted, labelled and bagged for easy storage in your freezer.

Deposit of $500 secures your reservation for a 1/2 Beef Side. Remaining balance due 7 days before scheduled delivery.

Our 1/2 Beef comes in around 170 - 200 lb with the most options to customize. From steak thickness to roast size to adding ground beef products like chorizo or burgers, tailor your 1/2 Beef to fit your family's preferences at no additional charge. Sound confusing? We can walk you through all the options in a simple online form you can complete in less than 15 minutes. 

1/2 Beef Standard Cut List:

10 T-Bone & Porterhouse Steaks (or choose 10 KC Strips & 4 Filets)

10 1.5" Thick Ribeye Steaks

10 Top Sirloin Steaks

3 Short Rib packages

2 Skirt Steaks

1 Flank Steak *only available in a 1/2 Beef

1 Tri Tip Roast *only available in a 1/2 Beef

1 Full Brisket *only available in a 1/2 Beef

8 Roasts (3 lb each)

10 lb Stew Meat (1 lb packages)

5 Soup Bones

70 lbs Ground Beef (1 lb packages)

How can I customize a 1/2 Beef?

Our Standard Cut List was crafted to give you a variety of different cuts. Personalize your 1/2 Beef with the following options:

  • Choose between KC Strips & Filets or Porterhouse & T-Bone Steaks
  • Choose 2 lb ground beef packages instead of the standard 1 lb.
  • Get larger roasts cut (where available)
  • Have a Prime Rib Roast cut
  • Get a whole brisket
  • Get Shaved Philly Sandwich Beef substituted for part of the Stew Meat
  • Grind unwanted cuts into more ground beef
  • Make a portion of ground beef into Grill Ready Burger Patties, Beef Chorizo, or Mild Italian Beef Sausage (no extra fee, no minimum pound requirement)
  • Choose to take organ meat or bones for no additional fee (Liver, Heart, Tongue, Oxtail, Marrow Bones or Dog Bones)