Week of Oct 18-24

Curbside Farm Pickup (Wed-Sun Noon-7 pm)
Home Delivery Drop off (Wed & Thurs, 3-6pm)

Serving South Springfield, Republic & Rogersville this week

Farm Store Open (Sat 10-3, Sun 12-4)

Meat Bundles

Combining our best selling cuts at a special price to make shopping quick & easy

1/8 Beef (50 lb)

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October Beef Bundle (10 lb)

4 Ground Beef + 2 KC Strip + Stew Meat + Steak Bites + Philly Meat + Mild Italian Beef Sausage

Speed Saver Bundle (9 lb)

Short Cuts for Speedy Meals

New Slow Cooker Favorites (7 lb)

2 Roast + Stew Meat + Chorizo + Caponata + Italian Seasoning

Best of the Farm Store Bundle

A selection of farm store favorites to make shopping easier for you!

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