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Taste the Quality: Why Blue Silo Meat Tastes Better

written by

Kassi Glassman

posted on

April 16, 2024


When it comes to meat, taste is king. 

90% Of customers mention taste, quality or freshness as the reason why they continue to buy meat from our farm.

What exactly makes our meat taste so darn good?

The taste of farm grown meat comes from 4 factors:

  1. Animal's diet
  2. Quality of butchering
  3. Animal's size & age
  4. Freshness

Let's break it down:

What’s in the feed bunk?

The animal’s diet affects how the meat on your plate tastes. 

Grain feeding our beef as part of their grass fed diet results in more flavorful, juicy meat on your plate. Hogs are fed a complete corn-based ration that fuels their growth and creates the fat cover needed for juicy chops. Meat chickens grow faster than cattle & hogs and require a specially designed chicken feed high in protein.

Keeping the diets our animals are fed consistent ensures our meat has a consistent and predictable taste every time you order.

The butcher’s touch

The quality of butchering can make or break the flavor and texture of meat. 

The hang time for beef, smoking and seasoning for pork, precision of skinning & de-boning chicken—these techniques enhance flavor and texture of the meat on your plate. For these reasons, choosing the right butcher shop to partner with is crucial to the quality of meat on your plate.

Size (& age) matters

Monitoring the size & weight of our live animals impacts when our meat is available for purchase.

We’ve developed an eye for size to know when a beef or hog is carrying enough fat cover to yield the juiciest steaks or yummiest bacon and what the package size of chicken breast will be based on the weight of a live chicken. Tracking growth is important to predict when animals will be ready for harvest.

The animal's age matters. Younger animals yield more tender cuts. Meat from older animals can be tough, stringy or full of gristle. 

Here's the age & size targets we use on the farm:
Beef: Harvested between 18-36 months of age weighing between 1200-1500 lbs. 
Harvested at 6-9 months of age weighing between 300-400 lb. 
Harvested at 60-70 days old between 6-8 lbs. 

Frozen fresh

Buying direct from our farm shortens the food chain and that benefits YOU.
Farm → Butcher Shop → Farm → You
Shorter food chains mean fresher meat on your plate and less food waste from grocery store meat that spoils in days.

Meat that's frozen shipped, warehoused and thawed all before being packaged loses freshness and shelf life. When our meat is cut, vac packed and immediately frozen, it's like hitting pause on freshness. That's why our meat has a frozen shelf life of 12 months and up to 10 days after thawing in the refrigerator.

Chances are you care about the food on your family's table. We want to be your family's source for healthy, high quality meat that tastes delicious. 

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