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Customer Spotlight :: The Ferguson Family of Ozark, MO

written by

Kassi Glassman

posted on

October 27, 2023

Meet the Ferguson's👋

Where do you live? 
Ozark, MO

How many people are in your household?
2 adults, 2 children

How often do you eat dinner made at home?
We rarely eat dinner out and cook most meals at home

What's your biggest struggle to cooking meals at home?

Before Blue Silo, where would you buy meat from?
Local grocery stores and Sam's club

What made you first try meat from Blue Silo?
I was looking to start buying our meat at a local source, and with the price of beef going up I also wanted to find an affordable way to eat some of the more pricier cuts of meat.

How do you usually buy from Blue Silo? 
I usually buy bulk packages - We buy a 1/4 Cow at a time [The Ferguson family buys a 1/4 Cow every 6-8 mo.]

Why do you shop that way?
I find it to be the most economical.

How has buying meat from Blue Silo changed the way you shop, plan, cook or eat?
I make recipes according to the meat that I have in my freezer.

What difference have you noticed between Blue Silo meat & store bought meat?
I never have to worry about the quality of our meat.

What else do you want to share?
I have loved buying the meat in bulk. I have gotten cuts I would never buy and it has made me try new recipes.

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