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Customer Spotlight :: Kevin & Deb M. from Willard, MO

written by

Kassi Glassman

posted on

March 21, 2024


Meet Kevin & Deb M. 👋

Where do you live? 
Willard, MO

How many people are in your household?
2 adults

How often do you eat dinner made at home?
5-6x per week

What's your biggest struggle to cooking meals at home?
Variety in cooking

Before Blue Silo, where would you buy meat from?
Grocery store

What made you first try meat from Blue Silo?
Saw them at the Farmer’s Market in Willard and decided to try their product [kassi's note: that was back in 2018!]

How do you usually buy from Blue Silo? 
Order online & get home delivery

Why do you shop that way?
Easier to shop

What's your favorite Blue Silo product?
Pork steak and ground beef

How has buying meat from Blue Silo changed the way you shop, plan, cook or eat?
I can plan ahead and just add veggies to complete a meal. I don’t have to go multiple places for good meat.

What difference have you noticed between Blue Silo meat & store bought meat?
Definitely better quality- less gristle and fat, for example. As well as knowing my
meat is not from Australia or China so it is much fresher.

What else do you want to share?
I love knowing where my meat comes from, as well as supporting local. That is why I have shopping with Blue Silo for several years.

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