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Shop Small Saturday at the Farm Store [2021 Recap]

We think of the Christmas season as a time to give back to our customers in the form of once-a-year deals, special holiday cuts for entertaining & thoughtfully curated bundles perfect for gifting.The season kicks off for us every year on the Saturday following Thanksgiving, "Shop Small Saturday." Following Black Friday, shoppers are encouraged to go shop and spend with the local brick & mortar businesses in their community.You know we're all about supporting local around here, so naturally the best deals of the season were live for shoppers who came in The Farm Store on Saturday November 27.New products from local food makers were on the shelves & Christmas decor was up. Caden, Ian & I were busy packaging and checking out customers from the moment the store opened. Knowing that customers plan their shopping day around visiting the store was such a compliment!Once-a-year prices are available to customers in The Farm Store on Shop Small Saturday, but the gift bundles are available throughout the holiday season (as supplies last).Watch this 2-min recap of the 2021 Shop Small Saturday in The Farm Store. Mark your calendars for next year, we'll be doing it again in 2022!

Behind the Scenes of Raising Meat Chickens

Growing chickens has been quite the adventure since the first group came to the farm in June of 2021. Broilers are fast growing "meat chickens" only intended for slaughter, completely different from the "egg layer" chickens. Join me for a behind-the-scenes look at how they're raised on our farm.

Easy Beans with Ham Hocks

Straight from my no-fuss kitchen, I'm bringing you a simple recipe using the affordable and under appreciated Smoked & Cured Ham Hocks. A low-input, budget-friendly recipe, you can tweak and customize it to make it your own. Perfect for a potluck, as a make-ahead-side dish or stash it in the freezer for later.

How Much Beef is in a Cow?

Often folks will ask if we butcher our own animals. "Nope, we drop off the live animal and pick up the frozen cuts," I tell them. Here's a quick look into how much ready-to-eat cuts a beef animal yields.

How to Order a Side of Beef

We believe that ordering a beef side to feed your family shouldn't be hard or confusing. Read this to understand the whole booking process from choosing the best side size for your family to having it delivered to your home.

Welcome to the Farm Store

Find our Farm Store a short 25 minute drive West of Springfield, MO, right in the heart of the Ozarks. We welcome the public to shop and see where our beef is grown when we're open. Driving directions and current hours are always updated on Google.

The Steers: A COVID-19 Story

We're seeing an influx of new customers looking for local beef at a time where grocery store shelves are nearly empty. Here's a story about how we pivoted in this unprecedented time to make sure our shelves remain stocked, now and throughout the rest of 2020.

How to Make Homemade Beef Stock

From a steaming pot of soup to boosting the flavor of rice, there are so many ways to use beef stock in the kitchen. I don't have lots of time to spend watching over a simmering pot of beef stock, so I got creative & developed this process for making my own homemade stock using the convenience of my freezer and the hands-off cooking of my slow cooker.

The Fence: The Story Behind Why Blue Silo Beef Began

The idea to start Blue Silo Beef all started with a fence and a pen of bulls. Asking "What if" and choosing to buck the normal cow-calf ranch business model in favor of selling direct-to-consumer started us down the path of running Blue Silo Beef as a component of our ranch operation.