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How to buy a Side of Beef from Blue Silo :: A Customer's Perspective

written by

Kassi Glassman

posted on

October 11, 2023

Since the beginning back in 2017, we've helped local families around Springfield, MO to fill the freezer with a side of beef. We're different from other farms because of our focus on making the ordering process ultra easy. 

Most other farms charge by the pound based on hanging weight and expect the customer to call the butcher shop with cut instructions, pay the butcher separately and pick up the meat themselves. Worst of all, you don't know how many of each cut you'll end up with. 

We've eliminated the uncertainty by telling you upfront the cut count you will receive. With our concierge service, you place the order and we handle all the details until it's ready for farm pick up or delivery. 

No surprises. No extra work.

Recently S & A K. from Nixa, MO left us this Google Review describing what it was like placing their first bulk order with our farm. Here's what they had to say:

I don’t know how to put how amazed I am into words but I’ll try.
I ordered half a beef before ever trying the meat which was RISKY for me —who is typically PICKY before spending $20 on anything. I read about them on an app and searched their website. I read everything that Kassi had to say and really wondered if it would taste as delicious as she said it would. This was my first time buying an animal in bulk so I was slightly skeptical being the hunter I am. Seriously, for the last ten years I’ve eaten nothing but home processed venison and the occasionally pork/beef chunk from a local farmers market. When my husband and I process animals we don’t add anything. Our meat is only meat without fillers and “enhancements” so I was sold when Kassi said that their bulk/bundles of beef were only beef!

We spent $500 for a deposit and asked for standard cuts and 2lb packages of ground beef. Before delivery we went by their store at the farm and bought beef & pork ribs. Those were tasty so I knew the beef was going to be perfect! We just received our order and already made burgers… WHOA! The flavor is something I’ve never tasted in beef before. The flavor is meaty and balanced! It’s not salty and water based juicy like I remember from the super market. The flavor comes from the real animal fat (something we’ve all been told was bad) but is actually beneficial for us with active/healthy lifestyles. It tastes so good!!! I am truly at ease knowing I am feeding my family pure meat. I also enjoy knowing that our purchase is supporting multiple local families.
I have a family of 5 and I know that 1/2 a beef will feed us for 10-12 months with my cooking everyday. I also requested the organ meat (no extra cost with a 1/2 beef) which will push me into new recipes. My young kids are excited for the smoked beef tongue tacos and I’m excited for the slow cooked oxtail.
Anyway, the order process was super easy. Deposit and then final payment 2 weeks before delivery. Kassi even reaches out to verify everything! The cut instructions are easy to follow and it comes with photos for each selection so you know what you’re getting. The beef comes in sealed plastic with the correct seals and labels. The meat is then bagged in labeled paper bags and delivered to the house!!! Bonus… the order comes with a spreadsheet —which makes the unload/freezer stock process streamlined. They really could not make it any easier!
The store is immaculate just in case you’re interested in knowing. It’s tastefully decorated in farm house decor and they even thought about the young kids while the parents shop. They have a little table so the kids can tinker for a bit. The Glassmans will be seeing us again and again and AGAIN.

-Nixa customer

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