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Customer Spotlight :: The Phillips Family of Springfield

Meet the Phillips family from Springfield, MO👋 With 3 kids at the family dinner table, it was easy to get stuck in a rut, having the same meals over and over again. They were tired of battling picky eaters and tossing out grocery store meat that went bad. After a recommendation from a trusted friend, they became a Blue Silo family and took advantage of our convenient home delivery.

How Our Beef Gets to Your Table

Curious how our beef gets to your table? It's a 2 year process to bring the retail-ready beef cuts into our Farm Store & ultimately, into your home and it all happens within 60 miles of Springfield, MO.

How our Paper Bags Work Harder

Remember the days when a real live person running the grocery checkout lane would ask that question? Since the first pound of Blue Silo beef sold back in 2017, our customer orders are sent out in thick, brown paper bags. It's one of many ways we're not like the grocery store. Our paper bags work harder, making your shopping experience better in ways you may not realize.

5 Ways to Use Your Freezer Smarter

Your freezer can do more than house frozen meat, vegetables and cartons of ice cream. From cutting waste to saving time and money, here's 5 unexpected ways to use your freezer smarter. Check my freezer and you'll likely find any of these stashed away!

Growing Farm-Raised Chicken, Part 2

It feels like just yesterday 100 little fluff balls arrived at the farm in a cardboard box from a local hatchery. Fast forward 51 days and those same chicks are now fully-feathered birds weighing over 6 lbs. Unlike beef and pork that we harvest year-round, our growing season for farm-raised chicken is from March through November. That means the best time to buy and stock up is when our freezers are full during the growing season.

Chicken Cuts Guide

From whole chickens to boneless skinless chicken breast, we proudly offer a wide range of chicken cuts. Use this Chicken Cuts Guide to know how each cut is packaged, how many it feeds and get recipe inspiration.

Fresh Beef: Does Color Matter?

It’s said we humans eat first with our eyes. As shoppers we’ve been led to believe that fresh meat is cherry-red in color and brown meat is spoiled. Understand why grocery store beef is always bright-cherry red and the best way to tell if beef is spoiled.

Helpful Tips for Choosing a Roast

We're right in the thick of "roast season" so let me help you make the right choice so the next roast you prepare is the best roast you've ever made. I've got some helpful tips for choosing the right roast and a comparison between the different pot roast-style roasts that we carry.

Christmas Dinner Ideas

It's safe to say, we'll all gather around a table during the Christmas season to tuck into a special meal with those we love. Be it a boisterous family affair, a quiet dinner for two or something in between, here's a few ideas to kick start your meal planning