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Q&A: Do you slaughter your own animals?

January 21, 2023

Do you slaughter your own animals?

It's a common question new customers who visit the Farm Store ask.

The short answer...

We haul the live animal to the butcher shop and bring the frozen product back to The Farm Store.

Sounds simple enough.

But there's more to produce the meat that ends up in your shopping cart.

...Harvest appointments scheduled a year in advance.

...Loading live animals at 5:30 am to haul to the butcher shop

...Physical labor of shop employees to harvest, hang, cut, package and label the retail cuts

...Two round trips to the butcher shop

...Sorting and quality checking every frozen package & packing pre-orders

What does this mean for you?

We know when & where every step of the harvest process happens.

You can ask us directly about how our meat was grown and harvested.

💡Knowing the process, seeing the traceability and simplifying the delivery chain - that's really knowing and understanding where your food comes from.

That's the peace of mind you get buying direct from a farmer. Any farmer.

Kassi Glassman

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