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Customer Spotlight :: The Phillips Family of Springfield

May 23, 2023

Meet Rachel & family👋

Where do you live? 

Springfield, MO

How many people are in your household?

5 people: Damon, Rachel, Connor (11 years old), Sam (9 years old), and Arden (8 years old)

How often do you eat dinner made at home?

5-6x per week

What's your biggest struggle to cooking meals at home?

We get stuck in ruts, cooking the same things over and over, because we have one kid who is hesitant to try new foods.

Before Blue Silo, where would you buy meat from?

Harter House, Walmart

What made you first try meat from Blue Silo?

A friend recommended we try Blue Silo

How do you usually buy from Blue Silo? 

Order online & get home delivery

Why do you shop that way?


What's your favorite Blue Silo product?

Pork tenderloin, sirloin steak

How has buying meat from Blue Silo changed the way you shop, plan, cook or eat?

It’s much easier to plan meals when I know what is already in our freezer. It’s also actually cut down on our grocery bill, because before we would buy meat then not cook it, and throw it out rather than freeze it. I haven’t bought meat from the grocery store since I discovered Blue Silo.

Our youngest doesn’t like to try new foods. Since we started using Blue Silo, she has discovered she loves pork tenderloin and is more willing to try new recipes with other meats! So I’d say the biggest change is that we have tried cuts of meat we normally wouldn’t buy from the grocery store, and have enjoyed them!

What difference have you noticed between Blue Silo meat & store bought meat?

The quality is so much better. Everything from Blue Silo tastes fresh, has great color, and cooks perfectly!

What else do you want to share?

We are thankful we discovered Blue Silo. Our family cooks at home a lot, and having high quality meat has been a game changer! We also love supporting local businesses, so Blue Silo is a perfect fit for our family!

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