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Customer Spotlight :: The Odell Family of Springfield

June 24, 2023

Meet the Odell's👋

Where do you live? 

Springfield, MO

How many people are in your household?

2 adults who eat a lot of meat!

How often do you eat dinner made at home?

5-6x per week

What's your biggest struggle to cooking meals at home?

Cleaning the kitchen so frequently! Ha ha!

Before Blue Silo, where would you buy meat from?

We’d been buying craft beef back in Michigan for about 10 years. Once we moved to Springfield, finding a new meat farm was a top priority, but we had to fall back on grocery store meat for a short while. It was highly motivating…the flavor and texture of Blue Silo Beef is just so much better.

What made you first try meat from Blue Silo?

I wanted to start buying in bulk, but the process seemed intimidating. I had no idea what tell the butcher. Blue Silo’s process of being the liaison made a bulk purchase less intimidating.

How do you usually buy from Blue Silo? 

I have a monthly subscription

Why do you shop that way?

We love ordering in bulk to keep our freezer stocked and with a monthly subscription, we’re able to add variety to our meals.

What's your favorite Blue Silo product?

Pork shoulder roast

How has buying meat from Blue Silo changed the way you shop, plan, cook or eat?

Buying in bulk has pushed me to find new ways to use up the ground meat! My latest recipe uses a sugar-free jerky marinade.

What difference have you noticed between Blue Silo meat & store bought meat?

Besides having a much better flavor and texture, I love buying from a farm I can trust to not put junk in my food.

What else do you want to share?

The vacuum sealed packages are high-quality and I love how our bulk order comes in heavy duty paper bags that are clearly labeled! The bags really help keep our freezer organized.

Kassi Glassman

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