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What's on the Label

November 5, 2019

I’ll admit, I’m probably biased on this topic.

But I LOVE our Blue Silo Label.

As fancy-schmancy as our Blue Silo Beef label is, I know that, as my customer, you should be more concerned with the white label on the other side of our beef for three reasons:

- Safety 
- Freshness 
- Transparency

Our beef is slaughtered under USDA inspection, the same standard used to slaughter & package grocery store beef.

We go the extra mile (literally!) to haul our beef to a USDA inspected facility where the inspector watches the process beginning the moment the animal is unloaded from the trailer. The butcher facility must maintain certain standards and practices to maintain this accreditation.

And - BONUS - our current processing facility is actually licensed to package organic beef and they adhere to those certified organic practices for all customers, meaning our beef is packaged according to those practices as well.

See the USDA inspection seal unique to our butcher on the upper right corner of the label.


The date our beef was cut, packaged & frozen is right on the package. 

Kept frozen with the seal intact, our beef remains fresh from the freezer well over a year, but you can know the exact date your beef was cut and packaged just by looking at the label.

Our extra-thick commercial vac-packed is an investment we make to ensure your beef remains fresh in your freezer until you’re ready to feed it to your family. 


Besides us & the Almighty, only one other entity handles our beef: our butcher. 

Usually, I refer to them as the “processor” because they really go above & beyond to hang, cut, package & label our beef to retail standards, including safe handling instructions & exact package weight from certified scales. 

The processor is always listed on our label along with the address for Blue Silo.

We strive to serve our neighbors beef they can feel confident feeding their family. Beef that is more delicious and less processed, filled and enhanced. 

Next time you grab a cut from us, know that because of that white label, you have a premium product that’s a cut above.

Pun intended. I love a good beef joke ;)

Kassi Glassman

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