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Pork Holiday Ham Roast - Small (5-6 lb)

Pork Holiday Ham Roast - Small (5-6 lb)

Center cut - Bone in - Smoked & Cured
$7.50 /lb.
Avg. 5.75 lb.

Our Bone-in Holiday Ham Roast comes from the leg of the hog and are center cut, meaning there's more meat available to carve off for guests. Holiday Ham Roast are un-cut, cured and smoked but only partially cooked. Make a twice smoked ham by smoking again or prepare by bake at 325 for 20 minutes per pound. Ham Roast are an affordable, easy way to feed a crowd. Plus the leftovers are delicious. Our Boneless Holiday Ham Roasts are un-cut.

After harvest our pork is hung for 7 days before the hams are cured and smoked for 7 days. After cooling each cut is sealed in thick vac pac to maintain freshness even in your freezer.

Our Blue Silo Pork begins with hogs sourced direct from local producers and hand-fed to finish on a corn ration, a complex flavor you're family's sure to notice at the dinnertable. Our hogs enjoy fans and shade in the summer and extra bedding in the cold winter months in specially designed pens we can clean out to minimize disease and flies.

Each package contains one un-cut, cured & smoked Pork Ham Roast. Total package weight ranges from 5-6 lb. Heat before serving.


Pork, Salt, Cane Sugar, Sodium Nitrate (0.85%).