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Boneless Thin Sliced Ham (1.5 lb)

Boneless Thin Sliced Ham (1.5 lb)

Ditch the deli meat for your next sandwich
$8.50 /lb.
Avg. 1.4 lb.

Bulk up your next lunch between two buns with our Sandwich Sliced Ham. Cut from the leg of the hog, our ham is cured and hickory smoked before being thin sliced and packaged. Swapping out the pre-packaged homogeneous, thin sliced deli meat for our Sandwich Sliced ham will give you a meatier bite and smoky flavor to enjoy. A single large slice of our Sandwich Sliced Ham is equal to 5-8 thin slices of pre-packaged deli meat, so one package will yield sandwiches for the week.

Our Blue Silo Pork begins with hogs sourced direct from local producers and hand-fed to finish on a locally-sourced corn ration, a complex flavor you're family's sure to notice at the dinnertable. Our hogs enjoy fans and shade in the summer and extra bedding in the cold winter months in specially designed pens we can clean out to minimize disease and flies.

Each package contains 7-10 slices of Ham. Total package weight ranges from 1-2 lbs. You will be charged for the exact weight of the package you receive.

This ham is fully cooked. Keep refrigerated and seal in a plastic storage bag after opening. Use within 1 week of opening.


Pork, Water (Salt, Brown Sugar, Spice Extractives, sodium nitrate, propylene glycol), sodium tripolyphosphate, sodium erythrobate