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1/2 Hog (60 lb)

1/2 Hog (60 lb)

Available as soon as August 11
$200 Deposit due at reservation
Payment plans available

Get peace of mind with meat in the freezer

Stocking the freezer with farm grown pork gives the weekly meal plan more variety & shrinks your grocery bill with the comfort of knowing your dollars are staying locally to support a small, family owned farm in our community. Know you’re feeding your family better meat every time you sit down to dinner

Stocking a 1/2 Hog in your freezer gives you perks that our bulk beef packages don’t 

  • Cuts to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Fits in a smaller chest freezer
  • Affordable per pound protein compared to beef

We've trashed the confusing, traditional bulk pork buying model.

You don’t have time to…

Call the butcher shop

❌ Pick up your own meat

❌ Decipher butcher shop cut instructions or learn what “hanging weight means”

Your time is as precious as the people sitting around your table. ​

❤️ Let us help you stock the freezer so you can feed your family better.

Our promise to you:

✔ The opportunity to "try before you buy" by purchasing select retail cuts before investing in a bulk package

✔ Simple, all inclusive, upfront pricing

✔ Know exactly how many packages of each cut you receive

✔ Sealed in vac-pac to prevent freezer burn - no butcher paper mystery packages!

✔ Blue Silo coordinates all the details with the butcher shop

✔ Your meat is pre-sorted at delivery makes storing and organizing your freezer a breeze. You'll have a summary sheet to know the exact number of cuts you received.

How to order a 1/2 Hog:

  1. Order online & pay deposit
  2. Complete the online custom cut form in 10 minutes or less
  3. Your order is ready! 

What cuts comes in a 1/2 Hog?

Our 1/2 Hog Side comes in around 60 lb with several options to customize at no additional charge.

Crafted to include customers' most requested cuts, the Standard Cut List gives you a variety of cuts so the meals on your table aren't boring.

1/2 Hog Side Standard Cut List

1 Pork Shoulder Roast (3-4 lb)
6 Bone-in Pork Steaks
16 Bone-in Loin Chops (2 chops/pkg)
1 Spare Ribs
5 lb Bacon 
1 Holiday Ham Roast (4-6 lb)
6 Bone-In Ham Steaks
18 lb Ground Pork and/or Sausage

How can I customize a 1/2 Hog?

You want meat in the freezer you'll actually use, that's why we offer customization at no added charge.

  • Choose bone-in or boneless pork chops
  • Request thicker or thinner chops
  • Grind the ham for more sausage
  • Get uncured pork belly or fresh side instead of bacon
  • Choose to take organ meat, leaf fat or bones for no additional fee (Liver, Heart, or Ham Hocks)
  • Choose up to 4 different sausage varieties with no quantity minimums. Choose from:
    Ground Pork
    Mild Sausage
    Medium with Sage

Take a look at our custom cut form to see all your options. Most customers can complete this in less than 10 minutes!

What size freezer do I need for a 1/2 Hog?

At ~60 total pounds of meat, a stand-alone freezer is recommended. A 1/2 Hog will fill a small 5 cu ft chest freezer about half full.

Rule of thumb: 1 cu ft freezer space for 25 lb meat

$200 Non-refundable deposit required to secure reservation due at ordering.

Remaining balance due 7-10 days before scheduled delivery

Other important info you need to know:

How to get your order
Home delivery is available for $35 to addresses in Ozark, Nixa, Willard, Republic, Springfield, Battlefield, Brookline Station. Delivery fee will be added to your order total. Home deliveries are made on Mondays or Wednesdays and Kassi will reach out directly to coordinate with you.
Farm Pick up is FREE. You'll be asked to choose your delivery option in our cut instructions form.

Cash Discount is available
Choose to pay by cash or check to get a 3% discount on your order total. Payment must clear by due date. Kassi will contact you directly to arrange the details. Select this choice in our cut instructions form.

Add on other bulk meat bundles
In our cut instruction form you'll have the option to add on other bulk bundles to your original order. This is a great way to get a winder variety of beef, pork or chicken cuts in your freezer without the hassle of managing separate pre-orders and deliveries. Additional deposits are required. 
Ozark Family Beef Bundle is the most popular add-on to a 1/2 Hog

Payment plans available (additional fee applies)
After paying the deposit at booking, you can choose to spread your final payment out into installments using Afterpay, a buy now, pay later service. Your installments begin at the time your final balance is due (10 days before your meat is ready). Your installments will be paid directly to Afterpay, NOT Blue Silo. Read about Afterpay here. Find the option to start a payment plan on our cut instructions form.

Want to see our cut instructions form? Click here