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Chicken Necks (1 lb)

Chicken Necks (1 lb)

DIY Chicken Stock
$4.00 /lb.
Avg. 1.37 lb.

Making your own chicken stock couldn't be easier using our Chicken Necks. No need to prep, just add to the stock pot along with other ingredients and simmer your way to a rich, full flavored stock. One batch of stock can yield as many as 5 quarts, making it an economical alternative to store bought stock. Making homemade chicken stock with Chicken Necks ensures that all the chicken is being used and nothing is wasted.

Our simple packaging ensures you only pay for the weight of the meat. No additives, seasoning or liquids is included. Each package contains 1 lb of chicken necks containing bones and skin.

Chicken Stock Recipe by Alton Brown of Food Network