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$100 Gift Card

$100 Gift Card

Digital Gift Card

Great Gift Idea


✔ Give a gift you know they'll use
✔ Redeem towards any in-stock cut

Your recipient will choose to pick up at the farm or get home delivery on their schedule. 

Instead of giving stuff, send a gift you know they will use, a gift certificate to Blue Silo. The recipient can pick the exact products they love by shopping online. Your gift card comes directly to your email after purchase for you to print or forward to the recipient. 

How it Works:

  • Simply click Buy Now for the denomination of card(s) you'd like to purchase.
  • Confirm your contact information & payment information. Select the number of digital gift cards you'd like to purchase. Place your order. 
  • Check your email. We'll immediately send you two emails: 1) Your payment receipt and; 2) Your digital gift card code email.
  • Forward the digital gift card code email to you the gift recipient OR print it out for hand delivery.
  • Your recipient can redeem the code for store credit at bluesilobeef.com/account/gift-card

Notes: (1) If you want to purchase two separate denominations of gift cards (i.e., $25 and $100), you would need to complete two unique digital gift card transactions. (2) Digital Gift Card purchases are "one-time" orders that must be processed separately from your meat order.