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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I cancel or modify my subscription? Simply reply to the delivery notice to add on, skip a delivery, reschedule delivery or cancel your subscription. Or notify us by email. Subscriptions cannot be modified or canceled within 24 hours of delivery.
Do subscriptions have extra fees? No, there's no extra fees. Home delivery orders are still subject to delivery fees. All subscriptions over $149 qualify for free home delivery. Subscriptions can be picked up from The Farm Store to avoid delivery fees. Can I subscribe to more than 1 bundle or 2 of the same bundle? Yes! Mix & match bundles to fit the needs of your family. You can also subscribe to 2 of the same bundle at once.
When will future subscriptions be available? Future subscriptions are available beginning the 1st Saturday of the month. You will receive a delivery notice 10-14 days before your next subscription is available.
Will the price change? Your subscription price is locked in. You will be notified before any future price changes occur.
How much freezer space do I need? A stand alone freezer is not required for a subscription bundle. A rule of thumb is every 20 lb of frozen meat will need 1 cubic foot of freezer space. That is approximately 1/4 - 1/3 the total space of the freezer section of a standard sized home fridge.