Serving our neighbors this week in Ozark, Willard, Republic and Springfield

Home Delivery

Delivery to home addresses located within 20 mi of, Springfield, MO 65804 (Get directions)
Also including Republic, Nixa, Willard & Ozark.

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Home Delivery

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Ordering Starts Ordering Ends Delivery Date
Sat, Jan 16th Tue, Feb 2nd Wed, Feb 3rd
Wed, Feb 3rd Fri, Feb 19th Sat, Feb 20th
Sat, Feb 20th Tue, Mar 2nd Wed, Mar 3rd
Wed, Mar 3rd Fri, Mar 19th Sat, Mar 20th
Sat, Mar 20th Tue, Apr 6th Wed, Apr 7th
Wed, Apr 7th Fri, Apr 16th Sat, Apr 17th
Sat, Apr 17th Tue, May 4th Wed, May 5th
Wed, May 5th Fri, May 14th Sat, May 15th
Sat, May 15th Tue, Jun 1st Wed, Jun 2nd
Wed, Jun 2nd Fri, Jun 18th Sat, Jun 19th
Sat, Jun 19th Tue, Jul 6th Wed, Jul 7th
Wed, Jul 7th Fri, Jul 16th Sat, Jul 17th
Sat, Jul 17th Tue, Aug 3rd Wed, Aug 4th
Wed, Aug 4th Fri, Aug 20th Sat, Aug 21st
Sat, Aug 21st Tue, Aug 31st Wed, Sep 1st

Enjoy locally-grown foods delivered straight to your doorstep!

Shop from our entire inventory of beef cuts and other local products offered by our partner farms & producers. FREE Delivery for orders $149.99+

Our Home Delivery service occurs on the first Wednesday and 3rd Saturday of each month. Choose this option for delivery to a home or workplace that is in Springfield or located within a 20 minute drive of Springfield, including Willard, Ozark, Nixa and Republic.

This is a porch drop-off service.

Leave a cooler out, we will drop off your order and send you a text when it's delivered.

Wednesday deliveries are made between 1-4pm.

Saturday deliveries are made between 9am-Noon.

Fees & Rates

Delivery Fee $6.99 flat rate

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