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Beef Chuck Eye Steak

Beef Chuck Eye Steak

The Poor Man's Ribeye

The Chuck Eye Steak is expertly butchered out of the chuck, or shoulder of the beef, and comes with a robust flavor and a ribeye-like texture and marbling. Cut 1.25" thick, this cut comes in a more manageable serving size compared to our signature Ribeye Steaks.

Our grass-fed beef is finished for flavor with a limited corn diet, sourced within a 100 mi radius of our farm, and aged for 14 days before being hand cut. Every steak is sealed in a high-grade, clear vac pack so you can see the quality & know it remains fresh even stored in your freezer.

Each package contains 1 Beef Chuck Eye Steak. Sizes can average around .60 lb. You will be charged for the exact weight of the steak you receive.

Cooked to Perfection

image by Omaha Steaks