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Blue Silo Bundle Special (8 lb)

Blue Silo Bundle Special (8 lb)

Grill Ready Burger + Bacon + Stew Meat + Cheddar Pork Brats + Mild Pork Sausage Links + Chuck Eye Steaks + Mild Pork Ground Sausage

Our Blue Silo Bundle will change every 1-2 weeks based on our inventory and combines a mix of our farm-raised proteins - beef, pork & chicken. Quantities may be limited, so claim yours today!

Bundle contains:

1 - Grill Ready Burger package (4 ct)

1 lb Bacon

1 lb Stew Meat

1 Cheddar Pork Brat (4 ct)

2 Mild Pork Sausage links (8 ct/pkg)

2 Chuck Eye Steaks (8 oz ea) - "Poor Man's Ribeye"

1 lb Mild Pork Sausage