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🔁 Start a Monthly Subscription

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Monthly Meat Subscriptions

Putting high quality meat on your family's table from a farm you trust can feel like adding another task on your to-do list.

Let us take care of the details while you enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a stocked freezer.

Start a Blue Silo Meat Subscription if you struggle with...

➡Remembering to re-order before your freezer's empty

➡Your go-to favorites being sold out

➡Limited freezer space

➡Fitting large purchases like a 1/2 Beef into your monthly budget

How to start a Blue Silo Meat Subscription:

  1. Fill out this form
  2. Future subscriptions are ready on the 1st Saturday of the month automatically
  3. Relax knowing you'll always have farm grown meat stocked in your freezer. Cancel or skip at any time.

Subscription FAQs

How do I start a subscription?

Fill out this form to get started! Kassi will confirm your subscription by email and answer any questions or concerns you have.

What comes in a monthly subscription?

Subscribers can get beef, pork, chicken, eggs, coffee & select other dry goods in their subscription

Can I choose what products come in my monthly subscription?

You can choose between creating a custom bundle OR subscribing to our popular monthly bundles. Some products may not be available for subscription.

Is there an order minimum for subscriptions?

NO! Small subscriptions should consider picking up at the farm to avoid delivery fees

When are subscriptions available each month?

All subscriptions are available beginning the 1st Saturday of the month. You will receive a delivery notice 10-14 days before your next subscription is available.

How do I modify or cancel this subscription?

Simply reply to our delivery notices to add on to your delivery, skip a subscription, reschedule delivery or cancel your subscription. Changes or cancellations cannot be made within 24 hours of delivery.

How do I get my subscription?

When you fill out our form to start a subscription, you will choose home delivery (for qualifying addresses) or farm pick up.

Will I be charged extra for home delivery?

Delivery fees apply to subscription orders. Orders over $149+ get FREE home delivery. There are no fees for picking up your bundle from the Farm.

How does home delivery work?

Home deliveries are made the Monday following the 1st Saturday of the month between 2-5 pm. Orders are not packed in insulated boxes. If you won't be home, leave out a cooler for your order.

How do I pay for my subscription?

You must have a card on file that will be charged for each month's delivery.

How much freezer space do I need? 

A stand alone freezer is not required for a subscription bundle. A rule of thumb is every 20 lb of frozen meat will need 1 cubic foot of freezer space. That is approximately 1/4 - 1/3 the total space of the freezer section of a standard sized home fridge.