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KPM Employees ONLY

Office Delivery for Employees Only, Springfield, MO 65804 (Get directions)
This company is part of our Business Perk Program which allows their employees access to an exclusive price list and scheduled drop off to the office for easy pick up.

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KPM Employees ONLY

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Ordering Starts Ordering Ends Drop Off Date
Thu, Sep 22nd Wed, Oct 5th Thu, Oct 6th
Thu, Oct 6th Wed, Oct 19th Thu, Oct 20th
Thu, Oct 20th Wed, Nov 2nd Thu, Nov 3rd
Thu, Nov 3rd Wed, Nov 16th Thu, Nov 17th
Thu, Nov 17th Wed, Nov 30th Thu, Dec 1st
Thu, Dec 1st Wed, Dec 14th Thu, Dec 15th
Thu, Dec 15th Wed, Dec 28th Thu, Dec 29th
Thu, Dec 29th Wed, Jan 11th Thu, Jan 12th
Thu, Jan 12th Wed, Jan 25th Thu, Jan 26th


Welcome, KPM employees! 

With a desire to double down on their commitment to YOU, KPM has chosen to partner with Blue Silo Beef, allowing you to purchase our local beef to feed your family, easy and conveniently.

In this partnership, YOU, the KPM employee are the real winner - so take advantage! You have access to exclusive pricing across our retail cuts, the ease of online ordering and the convenience of on-site delivery. 


  1.  Create your free account & choose KPM as the preferred delivery location. 
  2.  Shop our online store anytime
  3.  Submit your order with a note specifying freezer location preference
  4.  Watch for reminder emails as the delivery date approaches
  5.  Pick up your pre-packaged order from the KPM employee lounges anytime after Noon on delivery day.

Important info: