Week of Sept 20-26

Curbside Farm Pickup (W-Sun 12-7 pm)
Home Delivery Drop off (Wed & Thurs 3-6)

Serving Republic, Battlefield, South Springfield & Rogersville this week

Farm Store Open (Sat 10-3, Sun 12-4)

Classy Llama Office

2215 W Chesterfield St, Springfield, MO 65807 (Get directions)
This company is part of our Business Perk Program which allows their employees access to an exclusive price list and scheduled drop off to the office for easy pick up.

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Classy Llama Office

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Welcome, Llamas!

With a desire to double down on their commitment to YOU, Classy Llama chose to partner with Blue Silo Beef, allowing you to purchase our local beef to feed your family, easy and conveniently.

In this partnership, YOU, the Classy Llama team member,  are the real winner - so take advantage! You have access to exclusive pricing across our retail cuts, the ease of online ordering and the convenience of on-site delivery. 

How it Works

  1. Create your free account & choose Classy Llama as the preferred delivery location 
  2. Shop our online store at any time before the order deadline, 8pm before the scheduled drop off day
  3. Submit your order
  4. Watch for reminder emails as the drop off day approaches
  5. Pick up your order from the Gracious Plate kitchen downstairs

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