Week of Sept 20-26

Curbside Farm Pickup (W-Sun 12-7 pm)
Home Delivery Drop off (Wed & Thurs 3-6)

Serving Republic, Battlefield, South Springfield & Rogersville this week

Farm Store Open (Sat 10-3, Sun 12-4)


Nice to meet ya!

On behalf of my husband, Ian, & our family, thanks for your interest in our beef. There has never been a better time to turn to local farmers and food producers to feed your family. Investing in local food is investing in our local community, too!

I'm here to assure you that our beef, like that you can purchase at any store, is slaughtered and packaged under USDA inspection at a local certified butcher shop. 

The difference is our beef is frozen at the peak of freshness, so you can enjoy it this week or next month.

Since you're new around here, I've rounded some great resources for you to check out.

Don't hesitate to reach out to me with your questions. That's the beauty of buying local, my friend! I'm truly looking forward to the opportunity to serve you!

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