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How to Buy Bulk Beef from a Farmer

November 1, 2019

After tossing around the idea of buying “bulk” beef from a local farmer, you’re ready to make it happen. If your only experience buying beef involves walking through a grocery store door, you may not know where to begin.

Pull up a seat, let’s talk. It's easy, I promise.

How much beef do you need? 

Often, “bulk beef” is usually called a “side”. People looking to buy a whole or partial animal may be looking at a ¼ Beef, ½ Beef or Whole Beef Side. For instance, with a ¼ Beef Side from Blue Silo, you’ll get ¼ of the total cuts from the animal, front & back half included.  

How much beef is in a side? Here’s how it breaks down:

¼ Beef - 100-110 total pounds
*Most popular side size
½ Beef - 200-210 total pounds
Whole Beef - 400-410 total pounds

Other farms may price to you on the hanging weight. To keep it simple and straightforward, Blue Silo Sides are sold at one flat price plus tax. Because package weight on cuts like T-Bone Steak can vary, we provide a 10-pound range for total quantity and a cut list of how many packages of each cut come included in the side.

You can read more about the cuts & quantities that come in each side HERE.

Is a side too much? I also give customers the option to create a custom bundle with the cuts & quantities that their family loves, should a ¼ Beef be too large for their needs. Contact me, Kassi, directly & I can create a bundle just for you!

How to order

A $100 non-refundable deposit is required on Side pre-orders
. That deposit amount goes towards the total purchase price. I’ll take your information & generate the invoice that’s emailed to you with a link to conveniently pay by card.

Once your deposit is paid, your Side reservation is guaranteed, & a tentative delivery date is scheduled. 

Delivery to your home is included in the purchase price. Often, I schedule home deliveries on Friday mornings. Depending on when you contact me compared to my processing schedule, I aim to fill orders for Sides in 2-4 weeks. 

Since I speak the butcher’s language, I coordinate and communicate all the cut instructions to fill your order. Plus, the processing fees are built into the price, making the purchase hassle-free for you.

Here are the questions I’ll be asking you to finalize the cut instructions I give the butcher.

Do you want T-Bone & Porterhouse steaks OR Strips & Filets OR a combination? 
Do you like extra fat on your Ribeye Steaks?
Do you want any bones with marrow? For dogs or for cooking?
Do you want any organ meat? (Liver, Tongue, Tail, Heart)
Do you want any of your ground beef made into patties? Seasoned with our Chorizo or Mild Italian Blend? 
Do you want your ground beef packaged differently than our typical 1lb package?

All you need to do now is make sure your freezer is ready on delivery day. Most often customers buying sides will have a separate chest or stand-up freezer to store it in. 

To give you an idea - I can fit a whole beef into a 12 cu ft chest freezer (that’s the medium size one) but it’s got to be completely cleaned out and there won’t be much room remaining. 

Let’s just say I dominated at Tetris in my childhood. #90sKid

My #1 goal is to keep the process simple & transparent for you. If this is the right time for your family to make the investment, let’s talk!

Head over to our store to see what size of sides are available now and the current prices.

Kassi Glassman

How Much Beef is in a Side?

Nov 1st, 2019